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Bioconcert (biodiversity, conservation, services and territories) aims to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity and the societal uses of the resources of the ecosphere. In reviewing the evaluation devices, conservation and promotion of biodiversity, the project aims to provide knowledge through several tools:

  • the barcoding to complete genetic inventories of taxa;
  • the geographic information system to map the environmental conflicts;
  • a mobile application to promote knowledge of natural heritage;
  • a scientific platform to support scientific collaboration.

Note on the project web platform Bioconsert

Beyond the specific information Bioconsert project, the web platform designed to provide stakeholders in research projects BioConsert partners or groups of people with common interests, Web-based tools to exchange information between them . They have in fact mobilized by BioConsert features but in dedicated areas called “Networks”. More precisely the first “network” is dedicated to Bioconsert project itself, the second is dedicated to the administration of the project, the third project is dedicated to JAMBU (Junction Units Amazonian Biodiversity Research Networking Program). Other networks can be created as needed by the platform administrator. Each network has the common tools are: membership list approved by the administrator, knowledge base, forums and directory publications. Each user can access information networks to which he belongs.